Range of Psychological Services


I offer a range of Psychological Services to Children, Adults, Schools, Colleges, Employers and the Legal Profession, including:

  • In-depth diagnostic learning and behaviour assessments for all age groups from toddlers to adults
  • Service Advice and Consultation in educational and other establishments
  • Tutorial/Study Skill / Degree/Further Degree/Professional Support for young adults and adults
  • Expert Witness assessments and reports for special needs, disability, employment, immigration, youth offending, criminal offences
  • Advice for parents/carers on child development, helping babies learn, toddler taming – dealing with tantrums, improving sleep patterns, developing good eating patterns
  • Relaxation and a range of well-being techniques to promote better learning and examination preparation and performance
  • Help with examination anxiety/brain freeze/revision or study overwhelm for all age groups and levels of learning from school entry tests to professional exams, and that includes GCSE, A'Levels and Finals

Advice and consultation can be delivered face to face or using a media interface.

The types of need I cover are:

  • Concerns about parenting
  • Autistic Spectrum disorders, management and interventions
  • Attention Deficit Disorders, advice and management
  • Specific Learning Difficulties – Dyslexia/Dyspraxia/Neurodiversity
  • Children with Chronic Sickness such as ME/CFS
  • Literacy or numeracy assessment and support
  • Learning Difficulties and behavioural advice or coaching
  • School Staff Consultation/Support and Training
  • Educational Tribunals and educational support
  • Antisocial behaviour and/or forensic work
  • College and Professional Examination Access Assessments
  • DSA Assessments
  • Learning Difficulties/Disability re Employment, Immigration
  • Examination anxiety/brain freeze/revision or study overwhelm

Each Assessment is preceded by obtaining a range of information from either parents, teachers, employers, or if you are the client, yourself.

The assessments can include psychometric tests, clinical interviews, liaison with relevant professionals and sometimes classroom observations. I then write bespoke reports with recommendations for both yourself and the referrer. Sometimes this can be followed up by a number of sessions where we can work on specific issues that may have been highlighted.

I work from a base in North London, in schools, colleges and places of work.

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